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About Us:

My partner’s name is Ann and my name is Andrew.   For over 15 years I was called archaeologist, anthropologist, technologist, theologian, teacher, artist, photographer and educational administrator. I’ve used my archaeological and ethnological training to teach 5th-12th grade students with lavish stories of history and culture. In 2010 I received a healthy reality check in the important things of life when I suddenly became a kidney cancer survivor. I’m a creative with a scientific background. I’ve always looked to the blending of the sciences with the creative arts as exciting and presently I’m a photographic artist, small business owner, and blogger establishing my place in the art world.

A&A Photographic Arts :

Our company is an online gallery designed to help you find the decorative solutions you need in the room you are decorating. We do this by providing quality

Column in Light
Column In Light

photographic fine arts in different sizes, colors and printable options. Photography is a different form of art, it’s new, and it’s stylish and it’s fun.  Each picture tells its own personal story and that is what makes it so exciting.  A great picture is a must have in a living room or study, it shows sophistication and are items of envy to friends and relatives.  Our pictures will get you noticed hanging on your wall.


Where the Wind Takes MeFine Art America:

We send our non canvas print orders to Fine Arts America.  This professional printer service has millions of satisfied clients and fully guarantee their work.   We use this printer because of their excellent reputation for not cropping the pictures down in production.  They offer the ability to print your fine art on everything from acrylic to assorted fine art papers and even metal.  They also offer framing services to complete your order.  Most importantly, the color the artist sees in their work is the color that is on your print.

We want to hear from  you!  You can reach us at  Also, become a friend of A&A Photographic Arts by signing up on our email list today.


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