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Artist Bio

Photographic Artist Andrew Chianese.

Originally trained as an archaeologist and middle school educator. Andrew quickly discovered the hidden meanings and beauty of myth and culture portrayed in art. In 2012 he went from a fine art collector to a fine art artist. Self-taught in the photographic arts, the use of imagery of abstract landscapes to rich highly detailed macro subjects are solely determined by the stories, both modern and ancient, he has acquired from many myths and cultures.

Not being particular about whether the images are in black and white or vibrant color, he has said, “Color, or the lack of, is a complex tool for the artist to help tell the story that the subject is conveying to us. The details of what we see or cannot see bring the drama of each story.”

The limits photography grants upon the artist only inspires more creativity. While he manipulates the image in a variety of forms, filters or fashions; He’s forced to use the underlying picture as nature gives it. It is this particular creative challenge that Andrew finds fascinating about the media of photographic art.

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Andrew Chianese
Owner/Photographic Artist





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