Reflective abstract photograph of colored lights.

2 Questions That Continue to Influence Photography and Interior Decorating

There are several concepts about the arts of Interior Decorating and Photography that when blended together and create the same questions about why things happen a certain way. While I can always come up with excuses as to why these problems exist, they always limit my ability to make sense of it all.  Here are 2.


1.  What is up with all the colors?  Under scientific laboratory experiments the CIE or International Commission on Illumination came up with a number around 2.38 million.  However, the world does not enjoy scientific laboratory conditions and each of us may see only a small fraction of this number due to lighting and even our eyes physical makeup. Some computer graphics cards and monitor combinations are capable of producing between over 9.8 million. Because my eyesight is different from your eyesight, how can we be sure that Sea Foam Green is actually Sea Foam Green?  Computers have done a lot to standardize this, using CMYK, RGB, Adobe 1998, and of course Pantone™ but it’s far from a perfect set.


2.  Do you use color photography or not?   When choosing to decorate a room in which the focus is a piece of art such as a painting, the common thread is to focus on the colors in the painting, matting and frame.  When I read any of the Interior decorating or designer magazines, OK,  I just look at the pictures,  I see that a majority of the photographic art displayed, if any, is only in black and white.  Why? Black and white as a photographic format is an awesome way to portray a sense of sophistication and power, but so is color.  Yet color photographs are largely ignored in the mainstream decoration and display.  Photographers, what makes a picture better in black and white than in color?  Decorators, how do you decide on just black and white as your decorating medium?

These are questions that probably have as many answers as there are people reading this.  Nonetheless, I’m interested in your thoughts.

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