Orange Pumpkin

22 Ideas For Pumpkin Season

Archaeologists have found pumpkin seeds and remains in most areas of the Americas.  School age American children can tell you about the Native Americans showing the Puritans how to keep from starving using this versatile squash.


But what can you do with them?   You can make…


  1. Exfoliation face mask
  2. Body butter
  3. Lotion
  4. Pie
  5. Ice cream
  6. Gelato
  7. Soups
  8. Candle holders (small pumpkins)
  9. Snack on the Seeds
  10.  Bread
  11.  Honey Butter
  12.  Biscuits
  13.  Pancakes
  14. Cheesecake
  15.  Cookies
  16. Jack-O-Lanterns
  17. Ammunition for trebuchets and catapults
  18.  Waffles
  19.  Scones
  20. Ravioli
  21.  Ale
  22. Fine Art!


You can get some ideas for carving here:

Or, get some great recipes here.


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