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3 Places People Get Creative.

Those wonderful moments of stark creativity will happen to you. The brain suddenly comes forth with a wonderful idea for an artist photograph.  This is of course a good thing.  No , a great thing! Organizational gurus will tell you to write these ideas as they occur.  So what’s the problem?  Here is a list of where and when your greatest ideas might unfold.

1.  Dream  – There is nothing more creative than a really good dream.  Your mind is asleep, your creative sub conscious takes over and wham!  You have idea after idea of what to do for your next project, or even your next blog post for that matter.  Why can you never have a pen and a piece of paper to write this stuff down with in the dream?  Naturally, when you awaken, you remember nothing but fragments and it’s back to the drawing board.

2.  Shower-  Your wet, your soapy, and you have no chance of writing anything down.  I notice that my creative cycle in the shower lasts about as long as the hot water.  Which would explain why I’m not very creative in the shower in mid winter.  At least I don’t sing…  much.

3.  Driving-  Some of the best ideas occur behind the steering wheel of your car.  You cannot understate the danger of writing something down or texting while driving .  Move to the side of the road or to keep a voice recorder in your car.   Your life and those around you are more valuable than that one fleeting thought. You can’t spend the fortune you’ll get from your idea if you are dead or in prison for killing someone.

Technology has attempted to fix many of these problems with software or devices that create lists, voice recorders, an even software on your smartphones like Siri that do both functions.  For the money though, I still like a notepad and pen. I have a wall in my office that has sticky notes for reminders and notes I need to look at.  Use what works.

Where’s the craziest place and time you’ve had a great idea?

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2 thoughts on “3 Places People Get Creative.”

    1. I never thought of swimming pools. Writing things down would be rather messy. I love classical music. Unfortunately, a nice dark room where you are sitting and quiet while they play beautiful flowing music puts me to sleep.

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