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3 Types of Optimistic Photographers

In contrast to the pessimistic photographer we have the optimistic photographer.  This type of photographer allows optimism to be a factor in everything they do.  Optimism is almost universally seen as a good thing, and rightfully so.  However, like, everything else in life, optimism can have its drawbacks.   Let’s take a closer look at these photographers of eternal sunshine.

The Bingo Photographer- this brand of photographer is the mildest type of optimist.  So much so that they are often confused with well rounded realists.  This person will take 100 pictures of a single flower knowing that at least one of the pictures turned out good.  This photographer has been known to burn out the sensor on a camera taking hundreds of pictures from every angle, and setting.  But it’s all good, the Bingo Photographer would report that “I got several shots of the subject, something will turn out, and besides, think of the money I saved by not having to process film!”  This photographer will hate the effect of Murphy’s Law while dropping their favorite lens, but they are happy because that means they can upgrade.  Their cheery aspect makes this group one of the easiest to work with. Even if they see and respond to a negative event they will try to find something positive about that event.  They would say ” You may lose your money at Bingo but it was worth it if you had fun.”


The Unaware Photographer- This persona has no problems because they can’t see any. These people do not know what dangers lurk in front of them because they have never experienced them.  These optimists are often confused with naïvety.  Sometimes this is from a lack of experience, or sometimes just sheer annoying luck.  You can’t know what it feels like to lose your $2000 camera in a pit of alligators unless you drop it.  The Unaware photographer has never dropped that lens and can’t imagine it happening.  A popular form of this persona is the “it could be worse.” group of photographers.  They say things like “I spent 4 days in a swamp and a hornet nest fell on me. I developed a bad skin rash and even got trench foot, but never got the picture I wanted.  It could’ve been worse though, I might have had leeches too!”


The Delusional Photographer- Ever meet a photographer who was so insecure about their pictures that they mentally refuse to acknowledge any areas for self-improvement?   These people become totally terrified of unpleasantness or confrontation over their work.  It is not that they can’t see a photograph as being out of focus or the exposure being bad.  They just refuse to accept it as such.  Instead, They will tote it as a fabulously executed piece of art that displays blurriness on a bright sunny day!

The Delusional Photographers happiness comes from their ability to ignore everyone else’s unhappiness. Usually this is a reaction to a trauma they experienced earlier in life.  These photographers are dangerous to have working one on one with important clients. As long as the photographer is happy, everything is better than good.  So, if the client is not happy, they cannot see any problem to fix it.   They will happily say to the client, “It’s OK if your wrong, but the bride does not have her eyes closed, she is merely dreaming of her wedding day.”

An extreme form of Delusional Photographer will arrive at the photo studio in the middle of the night.  They will discover it is burning in a 3-alarm fire and consciously borrow a camera to take pictures.  They do not take the pictures for the insurance company to get the claim faster so they can save the jobs and livelihoods of their employee’s or themselves.  No.  They take the pictures because the color of the flames against the background of burning portraits is pretty.


People like to feel good about themselves, their work, and their lives.  It is possible for anyone to be an optimist and that’s a good thing.  It only takes one great day with a happy client, equipment that makes your life easier, or a warm spring day and a new optimist will emerge.  Are you an optimist or just passing through?

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