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3 Types of Pessimistic Photographers

The pessimist photographer is the artist who has no fun.   This person looks at the rest of the art world and says, “Photography was fun.  What happened?  When did it go wrong?”  Not being able to answer his own questions he starts to transfer his disappointment and becomes one of these characters.


1.  The Blamer-   This pessimist blames others.  This character believes it’s not his fault he took 6 wonderful pictures and the client doesn’t like any of them.  He will claim that it is obvious the client just doesn’t understand good photography. This person also feels that all the “fresh blood” photographers out there taking up his “space” and stealing his “good” clients.


2.  The Tech Hater-   These pessimists are easy to spot.  This artist says he can’t take good pictures because his equipment doesn’t work right.   He will argue that if he only with a certain lens by a certain manufacture can a perfect shot be taken.  This character insists that if he doesn’t have the proper equipment then there is no way he is successful. Once this type of pessimist is failing they may turn on technology and claim they can’t sell their photos or are losing clients who use new equipment.  The Tech Hater is heard berating other photographers because they aren’t using photographic plates in the darkroom like in the good old days.  Computers? Post-production software?   Humbug!  Who needs them?


3.  The Conditionalist-    This type of pessimist explains his or her failures with “Well, just look what I had to deal with!”  They will insist that if the conditions had been better than they would have naturally been able to produce better shots.    To this type of pessimist the weather is always too hot, too cold, too bright or too dark to take pictures.  They will claim the lighting in the church was off.  The bride’s maid dress was too dark, that the client was being unrealistic or the subject just wasn’t photogenic.


Anybody can become a pessimist.  It only takes one bad day with an upset client, broken equipment, or a rainy cold winter day and a new pessimist will emerge.  The question is will you stay a pessimist or move on too another level of thinking.  Try something new.  Try to photograph a subject a different way than you have before.  Take a moment and remember why you are an artist.  Go out and recapture that moment!  Most of all have fun.

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5 thoughts on “3 Types of Pessimistic Photographers”

  1. The problem today with a lot of photographers is that they take the same photos for every wedding. They don’t adjust anything. Well every lens,pose etc will not fit every wedding or every event. The photographer has to adjust not the client. Maybe the dress is too dark than a good photographer will look for better lighting at that location. We are the creative person so let’s be creative……

    1. I wonder what it would be like to see a wedding through a fish eye lens? That would be cool. I guess the real question is would you find a bride willing to risk her pictures on something she, or her family, may not like. I agree though. be creative and watch the fun unfold.

  2. I know numerous experienced photographers with decades of experience producing high quality salable images. Some, even PPA Masters. They are hurting big time. Their businesses are off by over 50%. They have cut their staff, cut their prices, and still it is not enough. Most have taken jobs outside photography. Many of their spouses have left their studio job to enter the non-photo job market.

    Studios around me are closing. Two this year sold for less than the price of the equipment on site. More and more photographers every day, and fewer people with the extra income to get good photography. Cameras get better, so that anyhone can take decent photos.

    Am I a pessimist, or a realist?

    1. From your last paragraph I’d say that you lean towards the realist point of view. The economy is still horrible. People are trying to find ways of not spending money on things they can do themselves. I know I am. I know 15+ year veteran teachers with administrative experience out of work because the schools don’t want to pay them twice what they pay a 23 yr old teacher with no experience. I also met a couple guys who have their MCSE and A+ certifications in computers and networking working as baggers at a liquor store. College and professional degrees can mean next to nothing today. The traditional venues for making stable money in every career field are changing. I think the secret is finding the new ones before it’s to late.

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