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4 Tools to Hang Pictures, Posters, and Prints

One of the most frustrating things about art is how to display it on a wall.  This is actually a problem that dates back to the earliest civilizations.  Unfortunately, most of us can’t use the solution our ancestors did.  They simply painted or tiled a mosaic on the wall.  In today’s world, most landlords would tend to frown on that solution.

So, the modern world has come up with some ingenious solutions to get around this issue.

nail hook

1.  The Hammer and Nail- I didn’t really want to state the obvious, but this list wouldn’t be complete without it.  This category would also include the nail held picture frames.  There are three issues I’ve always seen with this method.  The first is hammering the nail in straight while not damaging your walls or thumb.  The second is leaving enough of the nail exposed outside of the wall to securely hang a picture on it.    The third is leaving a hole in your wall after you discover that the picture is off-center, not that this has ever happened to me, yeah right…


2Hurricane Hooks, Monkey Hooks, and Jhooks- These things look like a long U-shaped nail with a hook on one end.  I’ve personally used these to great effect.  They hold a decent amount of weight and you don’t need to use a hammer to install them.  The drawbacks to them is that they are difficult to install if there is something behind the drywall where you want to hang your picture.  While it is fairly easy to twist these things through drywall, a lack of space behind the wall or a stud will stop it cold.  Unfortunately,  they also leave a hole in the wall.  You can buy these at most hardware stores.


3.  Putty- This putty is usually sold in small strips and comes in a white or blue color.  Any teacher who has ever had to put up posters in a classroom knows this stuff by heart.  It basically sticks your picture or poster to the wall.  I’ve had mixed experiences with these putties.  I learned after many trials that its important the putty is fresh, don’t try to reuse it, and the paint on your wall will have an effect on how well and how much weight the putty will hold. Putty is great for a simple poster, but there is no way I would trust a glass framed picture or a full-sized painting to it.    Duck Poster Putty


4.  Command Strips- 3M sells these removable self adhering picture hooks.  Like the putty, I’ve had mixed experiences with these.  I’ve had some of them work for a long time, many years in fact.  Some of the stickers just gave out after a couple of days.  That being said, the company as improved the adhesive since I used these for something as big as a picture.  When hanging an expensive or weighty piece I always double up on them regardless of what the packaging says they can hold. That way if one of the hooks gives out, I will notice it before my art goes crashing to the floor.  I love using these things for hanging light objects like rope lights or x-mas lights because they are easy to take down and perfect for temporary displays in the home or office.

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