Gulf and Clouds

The Story of Gulf and Clouds

The really cool thing about photography is that often times there is a story that goes with a particular picture.  Such is true with the picture Gulf and Clouds.

Ann and I were sitting at a bar in Key West Florida.  We were enjoying beautifully created Piña Coladas on a well deserved vacation.  It was one of those magical moments where you could feel the warm breeze, hear the ocean, and smell the salt of the water.

Our fabulous get away was suddenly interrupted by that satanic spawn of technology known as my wife’s cell phone.  I thought “Well, that ruins the moment.”  It was a text message from her co-worker asking where such and such file for a customer was.  Annoying!!!!   Hello!  She is on vacation!

Her response was to take a picture of the scenery with her phone.  She sent the picture back to her coworker with the following response.  “ I’m not in my office.  Be back Monday.  Maybe…..”

It was such a perfect response that I grabbed my camera and took the shot you see now.  Thus, Gulf and Clouds was born.

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2 thoughts on “The Story of Gulf and Clouds”

  1. Nice! I miss the Keys. I was working on some stuff for a scuba blog recently and was driven crazy by all the water and sky pics while doing research. Also have to get back over to Sarasota soon – it’s been a while since I’ve caught a sunset off of Lido or Longboat.

    1. It was a fun trip. Key West has changed so much in the past twenty years. One of the best places is the Butterfly Conservatory they have down there along with the various little shops and galleries. Sarasota and it’s beaches are still one of the best go to destinations for not only pictures but just getting away from it all.

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