Bluebonnet Carpet

6 Facts About the Texas Bluebonnet

Bluebonnet Carpet reminds us that every year there is a reminder of the coming warmer seasons. Around late March, North Texas and the Hill Country begin a gradual warm up into the welcome spring. Our attention turns from the dreaded ice storms to devastating hail and tornadoes.

Many people often ask how Texans cope with such a range of extreme weather. The answer lies, at least partly in the beauty found during the blooming of our state flower. April is the only time of year when entire pastures of grazing horses and lazy cows tromp and munch happily among the blue, pink, red, and white Bluebonnet Carpetflowers of the Texas bluebonnet.

Here are some basic facts for the bluebonnet.

  1. The amount of rain does will influence  how many flowers what you see every year. Depending on the amount of spring rains, Texans either enjoy a huge deluge of these gorgeous flowers or barely see one.
  2. Bluebonnets are not just blue. Most bluebonnet flowers are blue, however, both pink and white variations are found naturally.
  3. The pink bluebonnet was first discovered in a field south of San Antonio. Legends say that they were white bluebonnets that turned pink after the San Antonio River ran red with the blood of the Texas defenders at the battle of the Alamo.
  4. Bluebonnets are usually found with a red flower called Indian Paintbrush. The Indian Paintbrush is actually a parasitic plant that feeds off the root system of a bluebonnet.
  5. Bluebonnets only occur in 55-75 degree weather. In Texas, this usually means they bloom sometime around late March to mid April.
  6. While it’s not illegal to pick Bluebonnets, to some Texans it’s kind of like burning the National Flag. Everyone has the right to do it but it’s not necessarily seen as the friendliest thing to do.

I hope you’ll agree that bluebonnets are a most extraordinary flower. They always remind us of the beauty of nature and its ability to create lavish landscapes. Now, all you need to do to enjoy the bluebonnets is to place one on your wall.

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