Forest of Light- Sea Anemone

7 Things About Sea Anemones You Want To Know

Forest of Light is a photograph of a sea anemone under a strangely ethereal dark light.  The light creates this wondrous glowing effect on the tips of the tentacles.  The tentacles are almost hypnotic as you watch them sway back and forth in the warm water current.  It’s easy to see how a fish might be captivated to investigate this Forest of Light.

Few things arouse people’s curiosity of the underwater world like the sea anemone.  This strange animal has both a charming beauty and an impressive slant on how looks can kill.   Well, at least if you’re a fish.  While I’ve never heard of a human death originating from the handling of an anemone, I’m not going to be the first in line to try to grab one.

Here are 7 things you always wanted to know about sea anemones.


  1. They are usually grouped together in the same group as coral or jellyfish.
  2. Like the jellyfish the tentacles of an anemone have microscopic harpoon shaped spears that shoot out into a victim causing paralysis and death to small fish.  For humans, you can imagine that while you might not die, it’s more than likely going to hurt. A LOT!
  3. They come in almost every conceivable size, color and shape from about 1 cm to almost 2 meters across.
  4. Anemones have a foot, mouth, body and tentacles.
  5. They use their foot to attach to any inanimate object on the sea floor.  They then allow their tentacles to dangle in the hopes that food will drift or swim into them and become paralyzed.
  6. When attacked or feel threatened they curl into a tight ball to protect their tentacles.
  7. There are over 1,000 different species of anemone and they live in all but the deepest parts of the oceans we’ve explored.

While it is possible that these 7 quick facts about sea anemones have laid the foundation for your next triumph as the trivia master at the next cocktail party, imagine how fabulous you would look as you acquainted your guests with the haunting beauty of sea anemones while actually looking at Forest of Light hanging on your wall showing off your fine style.

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