Oh, I see you.

A Kitten Under a Bush?

I love unusual trivia.  For instance, did you know that the proper name for a baby rabbit is not “bunny”.  It’s proper name is kit or kitten.  This may seem strange, but consider that most Americans refer to children with the term used to describe baby goats.

People tend to get excited about baby animals and Spring is an awesome time to find them. They always make great photographic art that people love to own.

When this photograph happened, It was a comfortable day in the spring and I was walking through a winding trail around some deep green azalea bushes.  I noticed some movement as I came around a small bend and staring at me was this cute little guy.  Instantly I froze, worried that any movement on my part would send him hopping off into the bushes.

At first, I’m not sure who was more surprised, the rabbit or myself, but there he sat inquisitively .   I could tell that he was young because he did not try to run from me.  I guess he didn’t know to be afraid of people yet.

That being said, he watched me constantly as I slowly sat down in a rough nest of bark mulch.  I wanted him to be comfortable with me just sitting there so I didn’t dare make any sudden movements and every few seconds I would move very slowly, like an animated statue, inching a little closer to him.

His response was somewhere between “What am I looking at?” and “Oh, look some green munchy grass!”  I could imagine his little brain try to size me up and he always managed to place himself in a place where he could easily take off into the bushes if I indeed was a threat.

So, calmly, I started taking pictures. I thought that he would become a nice addition to my greeting card collection. I can’t tell you how glad I was that I spent the money on a remote trigger for my camera when it’s on a tripod.  I would setup my shot on the little guy, slowly sit back down and shoot remotely. It saved me from making too much motion and possibly scaring him away.

At one point, he had turned his back to me.  He still kept a watchful glance, but clearly, I was no longer his number one concern.  The picture Oh, I See You is a direct result of spending a wonderful hour in the early morning with a kitten under a bush.

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