Waves Thru Time

Abstract Photography: Waves Thru Time

This week I’ve discovered that inner muse for the realm of abstract art.  As a photographer/artist, I feel that the use of abstract photography is often overlooked in the artistic world.

Consider that when you take a picture with your camera you want the subject of the picture to have a crystal clear focus. It is usually touted that an essential need for a great picture is a focused subject, proper lighting, and some form of action.  Obviously your lists of what makes up a good picture varies depending on your experience, your equipment and your artistic need.  Yet, these items remain essential for memorable photographs.

It should also come as no surprise that these essential items are also part of good art.   But let’s take a step further back and explore how abstract art breaks those important rules.

The abstract style in art and the ideal abstract form of photography begin with the same general goals.  Artists will sacrifice the subject clarity to evoke a sense of emotion. This clarity is either in the form of focus or perhaps even identification that feeds this sacrifice.  However, it’s the emotion that the work brings to the viewer that matters.   What makes this a joy and a nervous endeavor for the artist working with abstraction is the hope that the viewer of the piece will feel an emotional response to the work also.

Photography produces a unique form of abstract art.  Most pieces of abstract art you discover in a museum are paintings or sculptures. The artist renders or carves according to their whim to transform the blank canvas or rock into a quasi-identifiable or non-identifiable work.  Remember though, the need of the artist is to evoke the emotion the artist wants to discuss.  But with photography, the trick is to create a similar experience with something that is real and actually exists.

Such is the case with our new abstract work Waves Thru TimeThis work is a time-lapsed exposure of waves on a shoreline during a sunset.   Hidden throughout the work are subtle hints of pinks and oranges that highlight reflections the setting sun on the blue waters.

The picture is a unique look at the constant motion of waves and the subtle variations of blues, whites, pinks, and oranges, of a sunset over time.  A calming pattern of colors meant to dance across the picture in various highs and lows.

I hope you enjoyed this piece and would like to leave a comment below.

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