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As the new school year gets under way at Greenhill School in Addison, TX. The student population quickly gets use to life on a campus that includes peacocks. These magnificent birds have graced the school campus for generations.

Both peacocks and peahens have lived on the Greenhill campus since the 1960’s. They were originally part of a small menagerie of animals used to educate the Lower School children. Since most of these early students lived in an urban city like Dallas, the chance to experience live animals such as peacocks provided a unique learning environment that Greenhill carries forth to today.

Over the years the peacock population rose to the point where the caretakers took humane control measures by retiring one old arthritic bird to a wildlife shelter to live out its retirement in aviary paradise. The peacocks have also seen their share of difficulty as the decline of the peacock population to a mere 2 birds on campus during the 1990’s caused a movement to purchase more.

While the peacocks are very much self-sufficient, they do need someone to watch out for the sick or injured.  Injuries sometimes occur when the males, seeing reflections of themselves in windows, will attack themselves.  Other problems are possible with wild coyotes or large hawks attacking the young.  So, the school has a staff member to be on hand to deal with these difficulties as they arise.

Among the  administrative staff at the school, the unofficial but very honorable position of “Keeper of the Peacocks” passed down through the ages from Mrs. Kittleman to Mrs. Nicholson to finally Mrs. Strevig.

While the official school mascot is the Greenhill Hornets, all the students, faculty and visitors remember the peacocks on campus. Their colorful displays and loud squawks surely delight and will help educate the children of Greenhill for decades to come.

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