Branches at the Crossroads

Branches.  Looking at this photograph of Crossroads, you see a plant’s branches.  More specifically, there is a main stem and two branches arching away from the body.  Look closer.


Notice, the young stem grew thicker than the rest of the body.  At some point in it’s young life it had a traumatic experience. Part of it started to grow in another direction.  You can see the dark bands where the stem and the branches connect.  Are those scars?


Was the plant at a crossroads?  Did it have to decide on which branch to send most of it’s energy to?  It decided to continue  anyway, becoming a little less thick as the plant redirected it’s energy to those branches.


Imagine that the plant became more stuck in it’s ways.  It’s own main stem growing a little less due to the needs of those branches.  In response it grows thorns, a protective device for sure.  But protection from what?  Change?  Redirection of it’s vital energy?  Does the plant even know?  Does it realize the branches allow the plant the ability to feel alive?  It’s the part of the plant that the sun is striking the brightest.


As we grow older, our branches also spread.  They are traumatic and leave scars on our life stem.  We, like the plant, can develop thorns to protect us from this harm.  The branches are children, jobs, financial responsibilities, or even relatives we must care for.  Anything that sucks our energy away from us.  But are our thorns there for protection, or because of our own stubbornness?   It is a desire on our part to dislike change and wish things would just stay the same.  Yet, we may come to learn that it was at that time that we were at our brightest.

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