The Crab is Coming

Coming of the Crab: A Behind The Lens Exclusive

The Crab is Coming  is our newest artistic endeavor.  This special photographic work is a small crab found in a mango swamp.  He was using a wooden board as a small bridge to get from one mango root to another when he interrupted his busy schedule for this portrait.

Every once in a while I get asked, “How did you do that?” Well, to make this shot I had 3 issues to contend The Crab is Comingwith.

As there was no easy way to set this shot up, I had to do some quick improvising to make it work.

  • The 1st problem had been the crab was constantly moving.  He sat still for no one.  This crab had an agenda.  Worse, I didn’t want to frighten the creature into trying to escape and hide in the darkness under the railing.  So a cautious but a fast approach was necessary.
  • The 2nd issue quickly arose in the form of the inability to get the camera to the end of the railing.  I wanted to take a shot of the front of this crab but he was heading in the wrong direction for the “easy” shot.  Why oh why do they always walk away?  The end of this 2’X4′ railing was quite literally hanging over the water in a mangrove swamp and was not accessible.
    So, while I’m extended out on with one foot on the ground and the rest of my ample frame counterbalanced on this board, I  half expected some kid to yell “Look Mommy, What’s that man doing?” Soon I discovered it necessary to rest the camera on the wood railing itself to get the angle I wanted.
    The railing also allowed me to use the board as a camera stabilizer while I made sure that the exposure and angle was good because of the harsh midday sun.  The fun did not stop there however, as the crab was in constant motion and the difficulty of the camera to focus properly soon became clear.   I quickly became dependent on my leaning the camera slightly backwards to prevent the camera focusing motor not being inhibited by resting on the wood.
  • The 3rd difficulty with the shot was waiting for the crab to get to the place on the board that I had predetermined would be the best spot for the camera and lighting to meet and create this photograph.  There was no promise of this happening.  If I tilted the camera too high I would miss the shot.  If I tilted too low and the camera lens hit the board it would not focus.  Also, If you notice the crab is almost off the side of the board.  He was quickly heading in that direction and left me muttering under my breath “The Crab is Coming hurry up…!”  Thus I came up with its name.

Alas, that is the difficulty of shooting living creatures.  They are not always willing to stop and stand perfectly still for your shooting pleasure.

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