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Do You Only Make One Print?


I came across this post on the Fashion Copious blog.  The author of the post claims that the reason photography has a hard time being considered a fine art is due to making multiple copies of our photographs.

I more and more believe that photographers who want to be taken seriously as fine artists should only produce a single production of a photo. The same way a painter only paints a single one off. This idea of producing multiple copies in editions is utter…” “ and the reason why art photography is perceived inferior to painting, sculpture, etc… Artist’s Proof is another marketing joke in the life of a photographer. No guts, no glory.”- .

Is it true?    Naturally, I have my own ideas.  But I’d like to hear from both the fellow photographers and the people who buy and collect art.


Would photography be more respected as an art if photographers only allowed one print of their work made?



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