Dodge 3

Dodge #3: They Don’t Make Them Like This Any More

Dodge #3 continues our old truck series with a macro shot of the Dodge nameplate found on the front hoods of their job rated 1950’s pickup trucks.   A the top of the picture you see the telltale signs of the famous side opening engine compartments that still make these trucks popular today.

The black and white print brings out the various tones and shades of the slowly decomposing paint job. You also see areas of pitting caused by the rust begun by the endless number of storms and cold winter this poor truck has endured while abandoned in this field.

Yet throughout it all, the Dodge name remains quite visible regardless of the ages of rust and weathering these letters have seen. The name also serves an artistic function of dividing the picture between the rusted engine compartment doors and the riverbed like rain stains on the lower part of the picture.

It’s almost as if to say that as time passed by, this truck easily relates to the phrase “Ashes to ashes dust to dust.” The breaking down of the metal by the rust into a fine dark dust is then carried down the truck by the rain in small rivers of water. Washing the hood and sending the dust back to the dust of the earth where eventually this truck will return.

In today’s modern world it is very easy to forget about the past. Sometimes objects and events are forgotten out of convenience or simply abandoned to the ravages of time.   Even though Dodge built this truck  more than 60 years ago, it stuns the mind to consider that in less than another 60 years vehicles like this will be merely the curious property of car historians and museums.   Finding anybody who actually remembers the glory days when these old trucks roamed the land as the workhorse of a modern farmer will be impossible.

This is the complete circle of life for technology of any kind. But, the good news is that there will always be people who like to keep the older technologies around. This video I found is an excellent amateur video of one such truck owner. He manages to capture the glory days of these old trucks and teach us what it was like to drive one.

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