Don’t Hold Back Your Seahorse

Holding back your seahorse is extremely unwise.   That is if you are afraid of attracting bad luck.  Bad luck?  Why yes!  Getting in the way of a seahorse swimming through the water or worse killing one is bad luck.

Giddy-upThe Hippocampus (Seahorse) as found in our photograph Giddy-Up, translates to “bent horse”.  To not place it on the list of the strange-looking fish is unthinkable.   This weird fish has no teeth, a tube for a mouth, a head that looks like a horse, and doesn’t use its tail to swim.

Knowing all of this it is easy to see why the ancient mariners used to believe that the seahorse was good luck.  Not only was the seahorse associated with the god of the sea Poseidon or Neptune, but also had another legendary function to sailors.

An old custom was when a person died on board a ship they performed a burial at sea.  To the ancient mariners this was a somewhat scary thought.  Not only the trauma of being dead was on their minds but also the reality that once the weighted body of the person was slid overboard no one really knew what happened to it.

Enter our friendly neighborhood seahorse!  Sailors believed that the seahorse would both protect and give the souls of dead sailors a ride into the afterlife.

Now seahorses were not just popular in Western Europe.  The ancient Chinese also believed that the seahorse was a form of sea dragon.   They were highly revered as being wise and powerful beings.

So, in the end it makes sense to display a seahorse for good luck.  Look!  It’s working already.  You’re in luck because our gallery has made it easy to get your own personal copy of this cool animal to protect you.  You can also get Giddy Up printed on a set of cards to share your good fortune with your friends.

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