Drops and Sand

Drops and Sand

Drops and Sand is a recent photographic work that intensifies the use of texture in photographic art.  Indeed, this piece is an interesting macro shot of the top layer of sand found on the beach during a rainstorm.

The black specs found in the sand challenges the viewer to accept the randomness that nature offers us in our everyday lives.  But, as much as the black shows up against the light gray backdrop of the sand itself, the specks are not the commanding feature.

The unusual subject of the photograph that nurtures and cultivates our attention is the strange moon like craters randomly appearing throughout the work.  It’s the 3 dimensional appearances of these craters that allow us to really notice the texture of the sand.

These craters give us the opportunity to add a physical Drops and Sandfeel for what would otherwise be a flat surface.   When shown together the sand and the craters let our minds form suggestions of how the sand feels under our fingertips.

Another reason that helps our minds check the sands coarseness is the many small shards of shells and water worn pebbles that also are randomly washed into the sand.  Each of these pebbles and shells has a separate color than that of the gray sand in which it lies buried.

Finally, from a decorative or different artistic point, the pebbles also allow us to match this picture more easily with any wall we may wish to hang it on.  Because the pebbles are so small, the color of the rocks looks diminished by the gray found in the sand.

However, if you were to place an earth toned colored matting around the picture you would find that color being brought out in the sand.  The same with using blue-tinted matting.

This matting would further cause the sand to appear even more bluish gray.  In essence, this use of colored matting would work, as a catalyst to bring out the color the decorator would like to highlight.  It is very multifunctional.

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