Almost Gone

The End of the Year is Almost Gone


When I was viewing this incredible act of Mother Nature, I remembered movies where you watch the sun set and always notice the heat waves and the blurriness of the sun as the hero rides off after a long hard fight.

To capture the image, I worked my camera with a remote switch and a rhythm of timing to capture this photograph at the last possible second. The dramatic fiery result is the photographic work titled Almost Gone.

Indeed, It was the type of sunset that makes you want to stand and give a round of applause like at the end of a fabulous performance that brings the house down.  Of course, standing there clapping your hands and yelling “encore!” may get you a few raised eyebrows from the people nearby.


So, I’ll settle for admiring the colors of orange and reds contrasting the dark blues and blacks of the ocean as the sun slowly set on our day.  But I will also remember that in 24 hours the very same thing will happen again.  Yet, only this sunset will look like this.


Due to this, I felt Almost Gone would be an exciting addition to our ending of the year 2013 and the mysterious twilight of hope that occurs to us as the New Year actually begins.


I hope you enjoyed these pieces and would like to leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “The End of the Year is Almost Gone”

  1. This beautiful sunset offers assurance that the world can be beautiful and we can be a partner in that beauty, just as you are by capturing these inspiring moments with camera. Continued success in the new year!

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