Floating on By

Floating on By with Updates, Gallery Activities, and More

Today’s discussion is on recent events at the gallery and what people have asked about A&A Photographic Arts , why we are successful and what’s on the way.

First, this is an exciting time to be both a photographic artist and a gallery owner.  Photographic art becomes more and more accepted into the mainstream art community everyday.  Patrons and collectors are discovering that photography has the staying power of an art form and is not just a social “fad”.


  1. More and more people are enjoying photographs as fine art.
  2. Generally, people do not buy or own art they do not like.  Today, people are much more open to owning a fine art print of a photograph than ever before.
  3. Fine art photography is not only printed in the traditional way using dark room and chemicals, but also now with technology, it is possible to print on mediums such as archive quality papers, canvas, acrylic and even metal.
  4. Fine art photography prints are available in multiple sizes.  Unlike sculpture, or painting, photographs taken with modern equipment can easily be enlarged from 5”x7” greeting cards sizes all the way to large 30”X36” sizes, or even larger.
  5. People want quality in their fine art and photography delivers. With the latest inks and programs, the color the artist sees is the color printed.  Archival materials and even the use of UV resistant glass means that photographs will last for decades.


Pardon my promotional soapbox, but I have to exclaim that these reasons contribute to why the gallery is experiencing the exciting action in our recent show Walking Through the Zen Garden.  Our web page visits have increased by more than 200% and sales are inspiring. People from as far away as India and Korea and 40+ countries engage in gallery activities.  While, over 300 people get our latest gallery updates and news from email, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media outlets.


Who are these people?  Our friends include interior decorators and designers, computer coders, app designers, restaurateurs, art collectors, art galleries, and other artists of every media.  This includes our special milestone 200th follower on Twitter: TotallyHomeImprove (@Totally_Home) An informative blog about home improvement ideas. After all fine art is definitely a home improvement!  http://www.totallyhomeimprovement.com/


What’s coming?  Why more art, of course!    We are working on an as of yet, untitled series of Texas sunflowers and a recent trip to the Texas Railroad.   Stay tuned!


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