A Touch of Gray

Gray is the New Sexy

When people think of the pumpkin, the color gray is not the first thing that comes to mind.  Instead, most Americans quickly point at the traditional orange and green pumpkin as the pumpkin of choice for decorating and pie making needs.  But there is a new look in town.  It’s slim, smooth and gray, and it’s here to dominate the pumpkin patch.  While the red and orange pumpkins all scream look at me! The gray pumpkin is that cool customer that blends in with the locals and radiates style.


Brought all the way from Australia comes the Jarrahdale heirloom pumpkin. They are available in sizes from 10 to 120 lbs. and keep well outdoors.  This makes them a perfect decorator pumpkin.  You could make a Jack-o-lantern out of it or even paint yours a decorative holiday theme.  But, from what I’ve seen you would miss out on the best part of this pumpkin variety.


These sexy gray pumpkins obviously sport a nice smooth exterior that ranges blue to gray in color.  It’s the orange to yellow-green interior that commands the attention.  The flesh from this pumpkin tends to be thick, dry, sweet and contain no stringy fibers.    Bakers will immediately recognize the potential for an awesome version of pumpkin pies and breads. The Jarrahdale are popular for their ability to be candied, baked, and purée like any of the edible pumpkins.


Here is a quick 3-4 min video on what these beautiful pumpkins look like on the inside.  Check it out.  http://youtu.be/qWjLOMc72yY



Of course, they also make a rather dashing autumn inspired work of fine art!  A print of this seasonal fruit would look great in a kitchen or breakfast room being decorated for the fall.


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