Emily Morgan Haunted

A Haunted Picture of The Emily Morgan

It’s Halloween!  Time to get dressed up in your costumes and go to various masquerades and fun events. So, to get you in the mood, I took a shot of the Emily Morgan hotel in San Antonio.

The Emily Morgan Hotel sits on land right next to the famous Alamo in San Antonio Texas.  But what makes it really famous is the hotel is known to be among the most haunted hotels in Texas.

Emily Morgan Haunted
The Haunted Emily Morgan

So,  how did I make the picture look like it’s haunted?

First, I took the picture just after the tower lights came on at dusk.  Second, I had to find the right angle to get the shot I wanted.  While the tower itself is a great piece of Gothic imagery, I wanted to include the roof because of the lines and exquisite detail.  Third, I put the image through a high contrast red filter.

The results are quite spooky.  The clouds suddenly took on this ominous haunted look, while the tower with its lighting really added a ghostly glow to the ornamental sides.

So, enjoy your Halloween, Dias de Muertos, All Saints Day , or just your weekend.  Have fun.

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