I am watching you

Hidden Motives in “I Am Watching You”

The first people I saw in the hidden garden that morning was a boy and his father.  The boy, 5-6 years old, was all excited about the prospect of feeding the fish and ducks that live in the pond. He had already received a handful of fish pellets in his small hands and was running towards the water with his father right behind him


I quickly followed the pair to the pond where the boy proceeded to start throwing the fish pellets into the water.  When you attempt to take pictures of animals you have to look for any opportunities. Animals have a mind of their own, they will do what they want when they want.  Food is always an opportunity for great photography subjects.


It was like the child had rung the dinner bell,  nothing will attract koi fish and ducks like a free meal, and they were not going to be denied.  As soon as the ducks, this mallard in particular, saw the food he started swimming towards the excited child.


The mallard was nervous as could be.  He desperately wanted to make it to the little boy trying to feed the fish and ducks, but at the same time he was very unsure about the boy’s father and myself standing on the edge of the pond.


You can see the tension in his eye and the way he holds his head.  He has to get to the food before any other ducks in the area know what is going on and he has to beat out the faster koi fish.  Yet, he is easier to attack than the koi, so he has to go ahead with caution.


It didn’t take long for the koi to figure out what was happening and soon join the fray.  This particular koi was in the vanguard of the school of fish arriving on the scene for the serious chow down.


This koi fish, seemingly kissing the duck, is either a Butterfly Koi or a Ogon koi.  A butterfly koi is the result of a koi fish and an Asian carp being paired.  A Ogon koi,  Ogon is Japanese for “gold”, is usually either an orange or gold-colored fish.

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