Hidden 2 U

How Lizards Become Artists

Our lizard friend in the work Hidden 2 U is a wonderful reminder of how nature completely executes the artistic ideals of color, form and function.  Lizards will change their skin colors to help blend in with the surrounding environment.  Useful for both hunting prey and hiding from predators, lizards depend on this ability.  More importantly, it works.

But the unique thing about a lizard’s skin coloring is that while many similarities among lizards of the same species exist, they are not all the same. Each lizard’s pattern and ability to change color is an individual skill of that lizard.

Hidden 2 U
I See You….

An artist will look at this lizard and admire the colors and shades of brown and grays  used to blend into the tree behind it.  The patterns are exquisite and effectively manage to communicate the goal of the lizard and his reasoning for using the colors and patterns he does.

The lizard creates an inspiring artistic display of color and how color either hides or elevates a subject into our field of vision and wonder. The mere presence of the lizards camouflage not only beautifies the tree, but it provides a focal point for our interest.  The blended skin pattern the lizard so flagrantly attempts to pass off as part of the tree, only manages to command our attention to its uniqueness.

The fact that we see this lizard shows a functional failure of the lizard to hide.  But the failure is not a complete one.  As an artist, this lizard is successful. We know what his purpose is.  We understand the meaning behind his changing scales and flattened form.   His work is communicating effectively.

Indeed, His hard work and dedication to the art of color and form manipulation pays off.  For as I sat taking his picture, whole groups of people walked chatting and blind to this arboreal treasure hanging literally two feet from their heads.

Thus, we see once again that nature indeed has the best artists.  Nature provides the best examples of uniqueness and the inspiring ability to manipulate color, texture and form to meet its needs.  There is little doubt that nature does offer the most original forms of art for us to view.

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