Mother Dove

You Just Gotta Love Family.

A family member once asked me “What was so difficult about being a photographer; I mean everyone has a cell-phone. How hard could that be?”

So I explained that when I started taking pictures in 2001, I attended as many seminars, read as many books and attended as many classes on photography as I could. In one of these seminars, I heard about a National Geographic photographer who had commented on how he got published in the magazine.

He said that on his last assignment for the magazine he took 10,000 pictures using the best cameras money could buy. Of those 10,000 he had to screen and drop each picture until he came up with 300 of the best. Those 300 went through computer processing like cropping and basic enhancements in Photoshop. However, of those 300 only 10 made the cut, and only 3 were actually used.   That seriously blew my mind and yet fascinated me all the more.

What I didn’t realize was just how truthful he was about photography as an art.  Even though I view and wade through a 1000 pictures that may end up being a failure, I love the challenge of getting that perfect shot.

Patient Mom
Patient Mom – This photograph represent only one of two avenues of approach presented to me to capture this dove’s portrait.

to do.   While I do have a small studio for when the weather is nasty, I mainly stick to outdoor shooting. You have to combat the wind, lighting, camera settings, a tripod, handshake and composing subjects that usually want nothing to do with you, or, like tigers or bears, might kill you if they desire. That’s adventure.

My relative just nodded and said “Huh….” “ Well, I guess, but I just don’t understand why someone pays you to take pictures when you can do it yourself.” “Anyway, I have to leave.”   “Oh really?” I replied,  “Why?”  I heard the stunning reply, “Oh, I’ve got an appointment at Sears for family photos. See ya!”

I sat in stupefied silence.

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