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Labor Day USA


Today we take a break from our art show “Walking through the Zen Garden.”  Why?  I want to take the chance to explain to our non-american friends about today.   America is celebrating a holiday called Labor Day.


According to the Department of Labor, Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882 in New York City.   It celebrates the contributions of the working American and their contributions to the industrial and economic growth of the United States.  Eventually, people began taking the day off of work to have parades, listen to speeches from political figures and enjoy community events.


Today, Americans still celebrate with parades and various community events such as car races, baseball, American football, and even rodeos.


Alas, it’s seen as the last celebration of Summer.  Most schools and colleges are starting the fall semesters.  In Texas,  the traditional High School football called “Friday Lights” gets underway and people start looking forward to daily temperatures below 100 +degrees or  36 degrees Celsius.   Labor Day presents itself as the last great 3 day weekend for people to have a family Bar-B-Que, go camping, or just relax.

So, in that spirit,  I wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.  Stay happy, Stay healthy, and buy more art!

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