Lava Lamp of Nature

Lava Lamp of Nature – A Dance of The Deep

The black light at the top of the water illuminated the undulating white shapes slowly swimming through the murky blackness of the deep.  Slowly swimming with strange ethereal motions to the surface, these strange otherworldly shapes would drift and float with the currents to forever search for their next meal.


Each jellyfish appeared as a blob of floating paraffin in nature’s oldest copy of the modern-day lava lamp.   Yet these blobs contained living shapes of real creatures that share the dark and murky depths each night.  No simple blobs of wax, these jellyfish danced as their ancestors had millions of years ago.

Lava Lamp of Nature

As each jellyfish appeared at the surface it would for some mysterious reason start a slow dance towards the gloomy obscurity of the bottom.  In time the twisting and turning allowed them to swim silently sideways or even seem to do silent loops in time to some strange rhythmic orchestra that only a jelly could hear.


As a visitor to their nocturnal wanderings, a person can only stare in amazement at the motions and glowing movement of the jellies.  It is amazing how a simple yet elegant creature can have so much grace and beauty floating in calming silence. It is almost hypnotic in retrospect.  The same form of impression one gets from watching a lava lamp breaking into and recombining small globules of wax suspended in mineral oil floating silently as the currents push them to and fro in a enthralling light.


Snapping the picture to share this tranquil scene, I remind myself that every night in the black cold pressing depths of the sea that same dance occurs unseen by human eyes.  Instead, meant for an unseen audience with dark colorless eyes quietly keeping time to unheard music while watching from the murky black of the sea.

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