Cat Nap

Local Community Art Show Winner

One of the key ventures that any thriving town government easily supports is the local community art show.   One small town north of Clearwater, Florida understands the importance that art plays in their community and it’s development.

I believe that it’s possible to know how successful a city is by the way it treats artists.  Artists support art galleries, and vice versa.  However, galleries tend to attract city visitors and tourists looking for a better souvenir than a t-shirt of refrigerator magnet.

New Port Richey

Recently, The City of New Port Richey hosted the Fourth Annual Community Art Show during the month of August at the Susan Dillinger Art Gallery in  New Port Richey City Hall.

Local artists submit their works for approval to hang in the show and then anxiously wait a month as the City encourages citizens to come to City Hall and cast a vote for their favorite art.

There is an award presentation hosted by Judy Meyers the City Clerk and the Mayor Rob Marlowe.  There are no submission fees nor any cash prizes. It’s not that kind of show.

It’s about the local government recognizing the talents of local artists and claiming them as an important part of the city’s landscape.

The Art Show Awards

American Oystercatcher art show
American Oystercatcher

Although our gallery has headquarters in Dallas, Texas,  I live in Florida and for the second year I’ve taken part as an artist in the New Port Richey Art Show.  Last year I entered “American Oystercatcher” and happily won a 1st place ribbon.


Award for “Cat Nap”

This year I followed up that win with a coveted People’s Choice!

People's Choice Art Show Award
People’s Choice Award for “Cat Nap”.

This female albino tiger had just had breakfast when she decided to do that most cat-like activity.   Cat nap.  Normally,  I’d want to keep a tiger picture in its original color form.  If for no other reason than to keep that classic tiger look.  However,  since she was an albino,  I felt

Cat Nap Art Show
Cat Nap

that the impact of a black and white format would be much more visually appealing.


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