The Long Minute

The Long Minute Sunset


The Long Minute is the next in a series of landscape sunset photographic artworks commemorating the end of 2013 and the beginning of the New Year.


This amazing shot occurred by using a camera setting that most people try to avoid.   I speak of the dreaded shutter speed.  If you take pictures, particularly of children and pets, then the shutter speed setting on your camera is a potential best friend.


For those new to photography, the shutter speed setting on your camera is the speed that shutter on the lens of your camera opens and closes when you push the button.  The longer your shutter is open the more light is let into the lens and displayed to the sensor in your camera.


This is why pictures of dogs and children often appear blurry.  If the shutter speed timing is wrong, the shutter stays open and lets in too much light.  So, when the dog moves, you capture his entire movement instead of part of his movement in a single photograph.  Bingo, you have a blurry photo.


But let’s use this fact artistically.  If I place a tripod and camera on a beach at sunset and take a picture of the event, I will usually choose to set the shutter speed to allow me to take the picture with crystal clarity.


However, if I let the shutter open on my camera for 10 minutes, the waves continue to come in and the sun will continue to set and clouds drift by.  So the light reflected off those surfaces will strike the sensor in my camera producing an artistic and usually blurry unusable image.


But, if I set the shutter speed to one minute, then I still get the reflections of the waves and the blurriness also.  But wait, a minute isn’t long enough for the light to vastly change or the clouds to drift by so we have a minimum of movement.


The result is the image of The Long Minute, a tranquil exposure example of a full minute’s exposure on the beach during a spectacular sunset.


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