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Make a Collage in 5 Easy Steps

When I think of a collage, I think of those messy projects in school where you had to cut out pictures in magazines and paste them together.  The real challenge was not getting the rubber cement on your clothes and not getting high off of the fumes.  Of course, decorative collages are a different story all together.  A collage of framed art or pictures can really draw the eye to that part of the room thus serving as a focal point or a wonderful highlight to an otherwise drab wall.

Some of the basic tips when putting together a collage are:

  1. Make sure your pictures are the right size.  A nice combination of large, medium and some small pictures will work wonders for your style. If you have too many pictures, or too many large pictures it will make the wall seem cluttered.  The same principle applies for small pictures, 2 or 3 small pictures on a huge wall will make them seem like a wasted effort.

    Diffrent frames (CC)
  2. Identify what themes you want to display.  Once you decide stick to that theme.  If you want black and white seascapes, then you should make sure all of your seascape pictures are black and white.  You can display black and white pictures with color pictures just make sure that your theme displays uniformly.  6 black and white pictures and a single color picture may look strange .
  3. Make sure your frames are very similar to each other.  While the sizes of your frames will vary, you want to have frames that are the same color or material.  Also, work with the same color matting.  You want your pictures to do the talking, not a plethora of different framing styles and colors.  Those differences in frames and matting will rob the visual harmony of the collage and just make it look disorganized.
  4. Have a plan for your collage before you start hanging the pictures.  Avoid putting holes in your walls for the hanger and discovering you have to move the pictures because they don’t fit.  If you don’t like the way your collage looks, change it.
  5. Use a level, string, or chalk line to keep your pictures straight.  Pictures in a collage that are not centered on each other way not be a visual issue but if the display is hanging at different angles, the results are disappointing.


Collages will add a wonderful visual impact to your wall.  They can easily highlight fine furniture in the room or they can simply give a spatial impact to a blank and boring wall.

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