Maybelle: Cow Of Sophistication

Our subject today is Maybelle.   Maybelle is the capture of a true bovine ice cream pin-up cow. She is a true blond and quite a looker among the local bulls, as I guess. In fact, I’m willing to bet her picture probably graces the local barn stalls of all the young bulls in the county.

Indeed, Maybelle is a gorgeous 1200 lbs of lean milk making machine.   Like most milking shorthorn cattle she is quite content to hang out with her girlfriends and chew her cud while contemplating the rigors and stresses of life as a milk cow.

She sat quietly munching on the occasional bluebonnet and the sweet grasses that grew nearby, when she suddenly raised her head in my direction. I took this as a sign that perhaps I had wandered a little to close to the herd for her comfort and her duty that day was to act as the guard cow.

Why are you in my pasture?

I stop dead in my tracks and noticed several other heads of the herd look in my direction. Those ears and eyes were giving me the look over as I brought the camera to my face and started to snap away. I wasn’t about to get any closer. The headlines of “Man Killed in Field by Dairy Cow” seemed all too much a possibility.

Milk cows are not small animals and I wasn’t going to risk there being a calf hanging around somewhere out of sight. It was only later that I understood that someone behind me played the car stereo a little loudly.

So, it seems that not only is Maybelle a great photographic model but she is a cultured cow of artistic taste. The music on the radio was Chopin.

So, raise a glass of milk and have a Oreo cookie for Maybelle. She is out there working tirelessly on your next bowl of ice cream.     Or, maybe, cows that like Chopin make gelato?

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