Hidden in Petals of Fringe

Mother’s Days Delights Show is Almost Here!

The Mother’s Days Delights Show has various photographic works of Andrew Chianese and his artistic tribute to Spring and motherhood.  The pictures in the show share a love of things floral and the season of spring.  Special works include brilliant flowers, sun-kissed gardens and the celebration of motherhood.

This show will be on display starting Monday, April 28, 2014 thru May 12, 2014

Want a sneak peek?  I want to give a little something back to my patrons.. A chance to own a piece of the show early.  Hurry, prices are only until the show opens on Monday morning.

Hidden in Petals of Fringe Canvas Print.

Hidden in Petals of Fringe
Hidden in Petals of Fringe-The edges of the fringe are barely out of focus to bring you the protected underside in complete clarity. The hidden treasure that will have the butterflies standing in line to get at the sweet nectar inside.









Mother’s Blessing Canvas Print.

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Mother's blessing
Mother’s Blessing – A white daisy with blue and purple hues.  Mother tested and mother approved.

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