A fine art photograph of a Low Tide by Barbara Stevko.

My 1st Digital Camera

Everyone has a beginning camera that they used and abused.  While I am old enough to say that I did own a 35mm film camera, those days were so long ago that I couldn’t tell you the name or maker of it.  The knowledge has been lost.

However, I do remember the 1st digital camera I owned.  It was a Sony Macvia and it rocked.  It had a 2.5 hour rechargeable battery.  Rechargeable!  The genius of not carrying 4 packs of AA batteries everywhere I went was inspiring to say the least.  The best part? Why, you could take your pictures directly to a standard 1.44 floppy disk.  Every computer had one of those! Also, Win 95 could read and display the .jpg without other software.  Brilliant!


by Bobolink CC
by Bobolink CC

On the surface, this is an illusion of being a good idea.  I mean, as long as I had a 3.5 floppy with me I could conceivably never run out of “film”.  Of course, lugging around 100 pk of floppy disks were a pain.

But that was nothing to the one serious drawback I discovered.  In the heat of taking a lot of pictures, you would fill up a disk , take it out and replace it, and put the used floppy with all the other disks that looked identical to it.  You soon ran into the issue of trying to figure out which disk was full and which was empty.

I discovered quickly that you had to buy a container for the empty and a container for the used disks. Every trip was a an adventure to see how long before I’d forget which box to use, or the boxes get dumped out into the sack I was carrying and get mixed up.   Traveling “light” really was not an option.  Of course, I could have just written on the disk in sharpie. Nah, who has time for that?  I’m taking pictures without film!

I did love this camera though.  It took great pictures, and I was fortunate to have it.  Eventually, I bought a more advanced camera with a flash memory.  Just in time too, it was becoming difficult to find floppy disks because of that new fancy technology called CD.  I toyed with the idea of buying a camera that wrote to mini-cd’s but flash memory was coming of age so it never happened.   What was your 1st camera memories.

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