Reflections of Duck

Objective or Subjective?

Gianni, an old gardener, lived by himself in a small village in Italy.  One afternoon,  4 tourists stopped at his house and asked if they could gain access to his garden.  One of them explained they had seen the garden from the street and wanted to take pictures of it.

Seeing no issue with these tourists being in his garden, the old man said he would be delighted if they walked in his garden and gave them access to it.

Soon the old man heard a heated debate between the tourists about being subjective and objective and what was better for art and photography.  Gianni joined them on the garden path and said in a frail voice,  “There is a large cobblestone wall.  Do you consider it to be inside the picture you take or outside your picture?”

One of the tourists replied “ I believe objectivity is most important in art.”  It doesn’t matter what you think about the wall, it’s just a wall.   So I would say that the wall is in my picture.”

Gianni said, “You must be a very strong young man if you are carrying that wall in your camera.”

-Modern retelling of an ancient story.

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