On the Post

On the Post Being Chased by Zombies

Oh, it started off well enough, his decision to run along the fence.  Indeed a fence is like a road. It’s a career path, a college major, and a chosen lifestyle. A smooth, yet narrow, path to follow.  Taking one step in front of the other is the only thing required.   Walking on a fence planned, it’s easy,  and thinking is not necessary.


This squirrel was on this fence; he was scampering along his  path happy as any other squirrel.  He was always told that this was the way you’re supposed to live your life.  You would find happiness if you just stayed on this path.


He had worked in that oak tree gathering nuts for many seasons, always taking this path home at the end of the day.  Running to his little squirrel home, his squirrel family and his hobbies.  Mundane, boring, but safe.


But this faithful day it is different, there is a monster near the safe and narrow fence.  He stops fast. Daring not to move. His little brain spinning with the fear that the safe fence isn’t safe anymore.  He soon realizes that to continue means he won’t make it past the monster.


Now, every squirrel knew if the monster caught you, you’d be eaten and discarded , or worse, you would actually become a monster yourself.  A horrible undead zombie squirrel. Cursed to walk the fence for eternity destroying any other happy squirrel that came near.  A blind raging thing, cursed to wallow in it’s own putrid stupidity and base desires.


The squirrel has the urge to jump off the fence, but he hesitates.  The fence was so safe. It’s not fair!  All of his thought out plans are being suddenly torn and dashed against the rocks of the reality.


If he jumps, he ends up in uncharted territory and he may never find his oak tree again.  Horror of horrors, he could find himself living in a cottonwood tree on a different fence!  All of his certifications of squirrel of the month and his degree in tree climbing from Nut Gather University will be void.  They won’t matter.


He stands in shocked disbelief, stuck on the post.  What will he do? Time is running out.  The zombies are coming.  What would you do?


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