Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion: Reality Out of Focus

Optical Illusion is one of the most tricky photographs that I ever managed to produce.

Basically, it is a reflection of the tree tops in a rain puddle.  What makes this a difficult shot is getting the reflection in focus while attempting to keep the ground slightly out of focus.   The auto focus on the camera had a very difficult time determining what image it really wanted to focus on.  You could hear the focus motor of the camera constantly shift in and out trying to find the right balance.  So, I went to manual focus.

Why would this be tricky?  Well, the garden I was in does not readily welcome using tripods.  Evidently, there are past incidents with other photographers that have basically ruined it for everybody.

This is a shame and should remind all artists and visitors to respect the areas you work your craft or enjoy the outdoors.  It only takes one greedy worm to destroy to ruin the bushel.

I suffer from what photographers call hand shake.  In other words, it is sometimes difficult for me to hold the camera perfectly still using just my hands.

When you take pictures of things far away and in a wide-angle like a landscape, this rarely is a problem.  However, with an up close and personal shot with your lens zoomed in, a small shake can destroy a really good shot.  That is why I use tripods when possible.

What I find uniquely about this shot is the deep green of the leaves and the crystal clear refection in the water.  The image is so clear as to instantly transfix your eyes to the center of the photograph.

So interestingly enough, the slightly out of focus areas are guiding your eyes to the in-focused section much like a line would draw your eye to a subject.  Another item of note is the green of the leaves are offset by the yellow dead leaves lying, also slightly out of focus, in the pool.

It’s also interesting that the reflection in the pool is also perfect even where the water is so shallow it is starting to be affected by the groove of the boulder it is lying in.  In essence the fake reflected world looks more real than the real world.

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