Behind Closed Doors

Our Feature Today is Behind Closed Doors

Many people adore gates because of their hidden meaning.  Gates represent both protection and unknown opportunities.  What is more compelling than not knowing what is behind a closed locked door?

After I started the process of determining what pictures to show in the gallery, I noticed that my mind had changed about this image. I discovered that I fell in love with the contrast of the image and the balancing act they do to make an entire quality piece of art.

The most compelling and notable contrast is the colors.  The door face was deep in a shadow due to the sun blazing on the other side of it.  This creates a cool blue tint to the wood and further enhanced the alluring black knots that penetrate the pieces of lumber.   The amazing contrast of lighting and color not only rely on the blue shades of the wood but the powerful warm reds and oranges found in the beams at the top of the door where the sun is revealing itself.

Consider the lines of the gate.  Let your eye follow the natural wood boards as they travel from the bottom of the door to the top.  Now, in the middle of the frame there is a bar that crosses the pattern of the up and down lines.  This contrast is even more real when you discover the bluish-gray cold iron handles that highlight and in fact, compliment the up and down lines found in the wood.

Not forgetting, we also have the lines created at the bottom of the door and the multiple warm sun-kissed beams at the top.  This creates a seductive framing of the door and provides it with the characteristic rectangle pattern that we naturally assume a door to have.

Overall, the effect generates powerful and mysterious questions.  What is behind the gate?  What opportunities lie on that mysterious path?

Can you imagine what it feels like to not know of our next adventure in photographic art?

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