Palm Trees at Dusk

Palm Trees at Dusk: Who Else Wants To Be Here?

There are few places that suggests paradise quite like an evening at the beach.  Palm Trees at Dusk attempts to capture that special moment when the sun has set low enough in the horizon to place everything in a permanent shadow.

But what makes this photographic grab our attention is the beautiful contrast of the dark black of the trees against the softer purples and peach colors of the setting sun.  The small wisps of purple clouds add a sense of mystery and beckoning to the story.

Imagine sitting in your beach chair sipping on the last Palm Trees at Duskbit of your after dinner drinks staring at this scene in surreal calm.  You might think of the gourmet feast of your favorite tropical fish, crabs, and fruit you just consumed and adjust your sitting position to accommodate your full stomach.

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting there on the beach listening to the serene sounds of the pounding ocean waves and the lasting cries of the seagulls as they start to land for the evening?

Looking up into the grove of palm trees swaying in the gentle warm tropical evening breeze you realize that this may just be heaven on earth.  A person could so get used to this break from the hustle and time demanding issues of modern life in the city.

I think maybe, just maybe, that self-employed treasure hunter patrolling the beaches in the morning and fishing in the afternoon may just have the best job in the world.  Where, I wonder, could you get an application for that job?

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