Pasture Lookout

Pasture Lookout: Why Salers is the Secret Ingredient

Pasture Lookout is a capture of a moment in the life of our next special bovine choice.   This wonderful fully horned cow was immediately raised her head when I approached her pasture enclosure. One sight of those protruding horns and I decided to make my approach to capturing this fair creature of the dell be cautious at best.

Latter I decided to try to discover what kind of cow this was. It’s my belief that what is standing here looking so dolefully at us is a Salers cow.

Salers is a breed of horned cattle that originated in Pasture LookoutFrance and eventually arrived in the United States. They are popular among ranchers due to their careful selective breeding to keep up certain favorable traits that ranchers find useful.

One of these special traits is that they are not only excellent beef cows, something very highly prized in Texas, but they are also well-known for their milk producing qualities.  It is possible that beef in that last hamburger you ate came from a Salers.  Who knew?

They are well-known for producing and growing larger amounts of meat for less feed. They are longer, heavier, and thicker than the popular Angus cattle and still support a higher rate of marbling than some other breeds. In fact, they are sometimes bred with Angus to get more desirable results.

These cattle are also known for superb breeding capabilities in hot and dry drought stricken climates to very cold blizzard affected areas. Part of this is their ability to find areas of pasture to graze from that other cattle are reluctant to find.

This also results in healthier cows. Because these cows are predispositioned to roam extensively in a pasture, they tend to eat a larger range of plants. This allows them to receive the nutritional benefits of more plants types than most other cattle.

Another result of their improved health is that the calving ease of Salers is known to be high. In other words, these cattle will give birth easier without the need for expensive veterinary issues like C-sections and breaches.

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We wish to give thanks to THE AMERICAN SALERS ASSOCIATION for information on this breed.


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