Morning Rose

What Does a Pink Rose Mean?

There are few flowers with the mystical emotional power of the rose. Indeed roses, particularly red, are  the hallmarks of love. The demand and the price for these flowers fluctuate depending upon the time of year.

The most popular holiday is of course Valentines Day. However, Valentines Day also owns the dubious honor in which the most price gouging for these gorgeous colorful flowers occur.

Magically, a dozen roses can cost a person about $20 Morning Rosefor a dozen or so.   Yet that same dozen costs over $70 for the week of Valentines.

Yet the rest of the year these flowers continue to keep up certain meanings and gestures to the people you give them to.

For instance, the pink rose does represent love, but it has other meanings as well. A light-colored pink rose represents grace, elegance and lighthearted romance.

Darker colored pink roses are also used as a symbol of gratitude, appreciation, thanks, and even sympathy.

Since the pink rose is so versatile in it’s meaning it is given equally to friends, fiancée, or as a thank you to a fellow person a work for doing something for you.

Of course the best part of a photographic rose is that it you won’t have to water it, it takes up almost no space, and it will never die. That’s a wining combination all around.

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