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Positive Response: Mother’s Days Delights Show

It’s hard to believe that the current show Mother’s Day Delight’s is almost at an end. This show continues to prove the power and the emotion flower photography produces and it’s effect to beautify the space the work is hung in.

The purpose of artwork is for the common enjoyment and friendly connections and comments that those works of art produce.

This show is no exception. Mother’s Day Delight’s remains a positive force for starting conversations and other artists are taking the time to engage and acknowledge. Several of our works, such as Mother’s Blessing and Daisy In The Morning received some of those positive comments.

However, quite a few of the artistic shots selected by other artists and photographers received the honor of featured status on one or more of the fine art groups at Fine Arts America.

The list of so honored titles include:

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Flowering Cherry

Fairy Umbrellas

These special works from the show received a coveted dual recommendation:

White Ranunculus – won 2 feature awards

So Delicate – won 2 feature awards

Purple Orchid- won 2 feature awards

Orchid– won 2 feature awards

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