October Harvest Colors

Pumpkins are Popular!

Pumpkins are popular!  Well, it is fall, or autumn.   Grocery stores and pumpkin patches stock up with the latest and greatest varieties of pumpkin available.  To be fair to the pumpkin, not all pumpkins are the traditional orange and green.  Over the centuries, the breeding and cross breeding of varieties of this fall fruit has resulted in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.


Fruit?  According to scientific rules,  pumpkins are fruit.  They share the same family tree as different types of squash like zucchini, yellow, acorn and butternut squashes. They are even related to the cucumber.


The real confusion begins when you consider that the pumpkin is a vegetable in the culinary world.  Often, the cooking instructions read very similar to root vegetables.   Pumpkins are boiled, steamed, mashed and roasted.   Of course, classifying pumpkin is not extremely important outside of Botany or Culinary class.  What matters is the processing of this versatile gourd/berry/vegetable/fruit of the vine into so many items, both decorative and edible, that let’s us celebrate the season of Fall.


Best of all, I can make works of beautiful photographic art and then make a pie.  You can’t do that with cucumbers….


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