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Why Do You Buy Art?

The purchase of art is not a small thing.  Sometimes it is a very daunting and scary experience. Experience is the best cure for this.  However, people buy art for many reasons.   Social or financial status alone does not necessarily show a person’s ability or wish to buy or own art.  What one’s purchase power does affect is the level at which the person can take part in the art world.

Many moons ago when I was a teen, I bought, owned and displayed art.  Sure they were posters, but it was art, and it was art I could afford at that time. Art served the purpose of not only decorating my bedroom, but it let me display a part of my personality.  The art we own allows us to present our self to others. It tells our visitors that we enjoy other cultures, or that we are naturalists at heart.  It can even tell others that we are football (Australian, American, Calico, or Champions League) fans or even our religious beliefs.  Anthropologists use art to study cultural patterns and beliefs to understand the way they work.

Interior decorators and designers both use this knowledge of personal preference and culture to bring a room to life.  However, their job is only complete if the client agrees with the style choices that the decorator or designer makes.

I want the art I own to express my complex personality.  As a storyteller, I want my art to tell a story.  I want my art to represent a scene, a culture, or something I find beautiful and most of all meaningful to me.  If it seems that I’ve blurred the lines between the art I own and the art I make, then please understand that I haven’t.  I want those same qualities in my photography for any of my collectors and clients as well.

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