Purple Orchid

This Purple Orchid Fails and Why That’s OK!

Purple Orchid‘s sensuality cannot be understated.  Orchids are by far one of the most emotionally appealing flowers.  The colors are bright and pure and the fragrance is exquisite.

In the work Purple Orchid, the color of purple, as it’s namesake suggests, saturates the picture with a unique and glorious purple hue.  The ranges of purple color immediately draws your eye to the orchid itself in it’s impressive clarity.

But, in so doing your attention distracted by the slightly out of focus green leaf of the plant.  The leaf is blocking and even attempting to hide the view of this developed flower.

The nature in which the leaf attempts to hide the flower suggests a comparison with the our culture’s social outcry of protecting our flowers of youth from the cold arduous world.

The use of a flower as representation of youth and children is not a new concept, however the picture suggests that even though the orchid plant is making every conceivable effort to shelter its delicate blossom.

It is worth noting that the plant fails at the attempt.  In fact, the plant only succeeds in drawing Purple Orchidour attention to the rarity and fragile nature of the blossom.

This need to nurture or protect the bloom of our youth seems most natural to us.  Something so rare and beautiful must surely be protected.  But the imagery in this tranquil scene portrays a delicate situation.  Like the plant depending on this delicate flower, people depend on our children to pass on our traditions and culture.

Both the orchid and our children need precise care, and yet sheltering them adversity, from the insects and wind of the garden, does as much harm as good.  For without the adversity the blossom will never carry out the next step in its life cycle.  What then is the balance?

The flower, like childhood, only lasts so long until nature itself decides to solve the challenge, and we either succeeded or failed at our endeavor.

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