Turning Days are Done

The Rusting Knob and Our Inner Self

Turning Days are Done is an image of a rusted doorknob still attached to the wooden door it’s served for ages. This photograph exalts the passage of time and the forces of nature as they slowly return everyday objects back to the dust from which they came.

The beauty of the rusty doorknob comes from its round shape, brought into a clear focus and centered in the frame for the most attention. The door is slightly out of focus leading us to concentrate solely on the imperfect knob. The rust has penetrated the outer casings of the iron and creates a pitted and uneven texture upon the knob further enhanced by the light and shadow. This enhances the view of the knob as an imperfect thing, keeping an old and peeling door closed. It has clearly seen many years of use and now sits in a forgotten and dilapidated way with no recourse but to slowly rust away.

Artistically, this gives us vision to our own lives.   We Turning Days are Donespend the first half of our lives opening the doors of experience and enjoying the exalted position of keeping the door ways of our emotional well-being shut to those who would do us harm. The doorknob easily represents both the actual way we will open the doors of our inner selves up to experience and let those we love into our deeper selves, and the means by which we will bar entry to those we perceive as enemies.

But, like the doorknob, we will slowly rust over time. The aging process is not kind to every one equally. As with this knob, some people will rust more quickly, some will fail in their eternal mission to protect our inner selves and some will be only slightly duller than when they arrived. Some of us will fail through overuse and other will remain unused and wanting. However, remember that eventually our doors will give out.  The knobs will rust and we return to the ethereal.

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