Rainbow of Bifröst

The Secret of Rainbows

In Rainbow of Bifröst you easily spot the faint remains of a glorious rainbow.  Now, as every one is aware, scientists say that rainbows are the result of sunlight refracting through water droplets in the sky.

However, rainbows are actually much more important than some lost misty water drops floating around.  Oh yes. The rainbow is actually a part of Bifröst.  What?  Some of you don’t know of the Bifröst?

The Bifröst is a rainbow bridge.  It’s the highway that the gods of Asgard use to travel to the other worlds or realms and theirs.  But, don’t let the mere thought of it just being light confuse you my friends.

No, Bifröst is as much of a defense for our earth here Rainbow of Bifröstin Midgard as any castle wall could be.  You see all rainbows have the color red and the color blue in them.  Only on the Bifröst it’s not just a red or blue light.  It’s actual fire and ice.

See, Jötunheim is the realm of the frost giants.  These savage warriors live out a meager existence in a brutal land filled with ice and snow.  They have a real dislike for Asgard and have fought unsuccessful wars with the gods before.

Truly the frost giants would love to destroy Asgard.  If they couldn’t get Asgard they would happily destroy Midgard instead. This would be a very bad day for us.

On the other hand, we have the realm Muspelheim.  This is the land of the Fire Giants and terrible demons.  It’s a land of perpetual fire and molten rock.  As it turns out the Fire Giants have no love for Asgard or Midgard and would love to destroy them also.

So, the ice blue light in Bifröst keeps the Fire Giants from crossing the bridge, while the fire-red light keeps the Frost Giants off.

However, prophecy says that one day this defense will fail.  The god Heimdall watches the rainbow bridge for signs of the enemy.  He sits in his great hall Himinbjörg in Asgard with the battle horn Gjallarhorn.  The great horn heard throughout the realms when sounded at the end of the world called Ragnarök.

When you see fragments of a rainbow you should know that it’s the watchful eye of Heimdall.  As he looks for any signs of invading giants a partial rainbow appears.  It simply means that he is still watching over all.

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Note:  This story is a storyteller modified retelling of myths from the Viking saga The Prose Edda written about 1200 A.D. by Snorri Sturlson, with some modern storytelling changes to help move the story along for modern people.

2 thoughts on “The Secret of Rainbows”

  1. Thank you for restoring the rainbow to its fitting mythological place. My tradition also considers the rainbow a promise of security. And thanks for the beautiful photo.

    1. Thanks for the reply! Norse myths are some of the best action and adventure stories. But, they always “explain” why natural events occur.

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