The orchid

Sensuality , Sex and The Orchid

Orchid is a delicate reminder that nature offers the greatest amount of function while unleashing artistic fervor with mathematical precision.  The arousing aspects of this flower delight the senses in its use of color and form to serve it’s purpose as the primary form of reproduction of the species.

The color and form of the orchid flower’s petals serve a multifunctional and beautiful insight of the not only the flowers hope for the future, but our own.  The flower represents our extreme delicacy and our need to arouse the most amount of attention we can grab in a short time frame.

The flower only has a few days to use its scent, color, The orchidand shape to intrigue the fluttering butterfly and the humble bees to make sure it’s life cycle continues.

We too only have a limited amount of time and like the flower we attempt to make the most of it with the gifts nature has also given us.  Our society attempts to show our sexual needs in flashy seductive tones that peak or visual interest, much like the colors on the flower.  We also engage our sense of smell to our greatest benefit when seeking a mate.  Or, that is what the fine purveyor’s of Channel No. 5 would have you believe.

The use of the bright colors and the sense of perfume are easy aspects of the orchid to prove its validity when comparing them to our own use of sexuality.  But, what of the strange and unusual formations of the flower’s petals?  Surely these shapes have no deep correspondence with our own deep sexual desires or behavior.

The randomness of the flower petals and the seemingly fringed pattern seemingly offer no rational explanation for it’s being there.  In the flowers case, these petals produce a definite visual stimulation on the main progenitor of its reproduction, namely the butterfly or hummingbird.  The mere shape of the petal attracts these creatures.

It’s the same with the modern person being influenced by the visually seductive world of advertising.  Ordinary people are not placed on billboards ads and receive top billing in commercials.  No these people are usually chosen for their physical attributes.   Much as the visually “perfect” flower receives the most visits by the necessary butterfly.

So, a begging question remains.  Truly, the orchid uses all of its wiles and charm the floral world has to make sure it’s reproductive needs become reality. Is it not strange that people give each other these genuine articles of beauty as reinforcement tokens of their own love and desire?  Both for cementing relational bonds or as sexual advances in their own right.

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