Munching on Bluebonnets

The Serenity of Munching on Bluebonnets

Munching on Bluebonnets is a further exploration into the colorful Texas spring. The daily temperatures begin to rise towards the inevitable searing heat of the summer.

As with spring in other parts of the world, it is a time of rain and the regrowth of the sweet aromatic flowers and grasses that pastured animals love so well. The bluebonnets continued to bloom and now and then you could glimpse a touch of yellow flowers, Indian Paintbrushes, or the characteristic white and reddish pinks of multicolored bluebonnets mixed in with the dominant dark and light blues.Munching on Bluebonnets

These two horses are munching quite contently on the sweet bluebonnets without, it seems, a care in the entire world. They don’t even mind a complete stranger with a camera marching up to within a short distance to take pictures.

I had hoped to get them to look at me, and that was my original intention. But, upon viewing that the horses were so downright determined to keep up feeding on the bluebonnets,  I gave up and decide that no, it needed to be this way.

I felt that the scene before me was too natural to change for a small vision in my head. Once again, nature managed to prove that it’s seemingly random creation of beauty far outweighs man’s eternal struggle to find it or even create it.  This event was a Zen moment, and during those peaceful times it is best to just let go of your personal desires and become lost in the tranquility that the heavens have bested on you at that moment.

The horses were content, the pond was in the background, and the flowers were drifting and swaying on the soft morning breeze. The very colors themselves were alive with visual acuity and style.

Even the trees with their newly green leaves rustling in the wind gave a sense of peace and calmness that overcame me. So, lifting the camera to my eye and gently squeezing the shutter, I created Munching on Bluebonnets.

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